What Does Conscious Travel Mean for Your Hotel?

Every now and then, we see new buzzwords appear in the travel industry. Not too long ago, it was transformative travel that was making headlines, as it took over from experiential travel. This was described as being the sort of sort of travel experience that helps the traveller to achieve ‘Conscious Travel’ and a form of lasting and meaningful change in their lives.

Yet, it is the phrase conscious travel that it now on a lot of lips in the industry. What is this all about and what does it mean for your hotel?

What Is Conscious Travel?

Let’s start at the very beginning. This is a new phrase that you may not have seen before now. It is really only in the last year or so that people have started to talk and write about conscious travel.

Basically, this is a way of travelling that allows travellers to feel that they are helping the place that they are visiting. It can be seen as a sort of extension to transformative travel that also helps to transform communities as well as those who visit them.

The idea with conscious travel is that everyone benefits from the tourism sector; local businesses like hotels and restaurants, residents and the travellers themselves. Naturally, this is a wide-ranging subject that can be approached in a number of ways.

What Can You Do to Get Involved?

It is clear that many people now want to explore the world in a way that better fits their lifestyle and overall goals. They want to feel that they are being responsible and encouraging sustainable tourism while they enjoy themselves.

So, how can your hotel help them to do this? To start with, you can show them how you work to help the local community and act in a responsible, sustainable way. Your guests who are interested in this type of travel want to see that you are contributing to making the world a better place rather than just making money off them.

Perhaps you can also show your guests some ideas for getting involved in the area where you are based. You are sure to be aware of local projects and cultural events that might fit in with their concept of conscious travel.

This is the sort of travel trend that means different things to different people. However, there is no doubt that it is something that can be incorporated into a hotel’s marketing and overall ethos.