Arctic Bath is a new floating hotel in the North of Sweden. 12 rooms are built on land and on water, with a healthy ice bath expected to be the highlight of any stay here. What other unique hotel rooms can be found around the planet and is creating one a good marketing move?

Hotel Costa Verde – Guests Sleep in an Old Plane

The Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica achieved a degree of internet fame when pictures emerged online of the old Boeing 727 that has been converted into a luxury suite.

Even more exciting is the fact that this plane is in a jungle next to the ocean. From the windows, guests can see both the greenery and the blue of the ocean. The bedrooms are air-conditioned the interior is covered in teak panels.  

The Mirrorcube – a Mirrored Box in a Tree

This bizarre-looking building in Sweden is an aluminium box that is covered in mirrors and hung from a tree trunk. It is neatly camouflaged and the fact the mirrors are one-way only gives guests privacy as well as incredible views.

Just two people fit in here, where they will find a double bed and bathroom. They get up to their suite by crossing a rope bridge from a nearby tree.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Stay in an Igloo

There are several ice hotels around in the world, spread around countries as diverse as Canada, Romania, and Switzerland. This ice-themed resort in Finland is ideally placed for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights.

Accommodation is in a set of igloos and log cabins with glass roofs. Traditional smoke saunas and an ice swimming pool add to the authentic atmosphere.

Sal Luna Salada Hotel – Rooms Made Completely Out of Salt

Set in the midst of the world’s biggest and highest altitude salt flat, this is one of several salt hotels built in Bolivia, near the border with Chile.

Just about everything is made of salt here, from the walls and the ceiling to the furniture. It is an incredible construction feat that leaves visitors amazed.

Is It Worth Creating Unique Hotel Rooms?

This can be a terrific marketing ploy. All of the unique hotels mentioned here have featured in numerous articles. They can be expensive or complex to create, but they tend to be offered at higher rates for guests too.  

It certainly isn’t the right move for every hotel. But if you have a local feature or tradition to exploit then it makes sense to consider whether you could design something unforgettable for your guests.