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9 Things Your Booking Engine Service Provider Must Have

Being a hotelier, what benefits should you be getting from your booking engine provider? What are the features that you can or cannot survive without? Importance of having a booking engine Hotel booking engine is an extremely important tool for increasing direct bookings. Every...
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Why are hotels losing their fight against OTAs?

Being a hoteling professional, what is your take against the OTAs? Without doubts, most of you feel beaten up about the unfair advantages they take home. Well, you aren’t alone, because many hoteliers find themselves struggling on the same page as you. Fact is, hotels believe...
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5 Tips for Creating Awesome Content for Your Hotel Website

Do you know, more than 57% of traveling accommodation and reservations are made using the internet? If you are running a hotel business, content creation throws you a choice—you can either decide to have original, good quality content for your hotel’s website or you can opt for...
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digital marketing campaign

Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign for Your Hotel? 8 Important Things to Do

Have you ever tried to plan, launch and track your digital marketing campaign on your own? If you haven’t, you must know it’s never too early or too late to start. Running a marketing campaign is difficult, but at the same time it’s an activity that if carried out correctly will...
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How to make guests engaged in your hotel website

How to Make Guests Engaged in Your Hotel’s Website?

Believe it or not, your hotel’s website can be your most active sales representative. Your website’s front look, its interface and content is essential for your hotel to gather a boost in its direct bookings. Therefore, we have come up with three important tips for you to make...
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Blogging Draws Consumers to a Hotel Experience

When you are debating the best ways to draw clients to your hotel, you have to consider online marketing. Most people are not going to find your business through paper adverts these days. Almost everyone who is looking to book a hotel does it online. That means that instead of...
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