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Hotel Email Marketing

For the Hotel Manager with no Marketing Dream Team: How to fill your Rooms. Hotel Email Marketing Tips and Techniques There are some powerful reasons for using hotel email marketing to grow your business. Reaching out to customers by email has long been regarded as being one of...
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Why are hotels losing their fight against OTAs?

Being a hoteling professional, what is your take against the OTAs? Without doubts, most of you feel beaten up about the unfair advantages they take home. Well, you aren’t alone, because many hoteliers find themselves struggling on the same page as you. Fact is, hotels believe...
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How to make guests engaged in your hotel website

How to Make Guests Engaged in Your Hotel’s Website?

Believe it or not, your hotel’s website can be your most active sales representative. Your website’s front look, its interface and content is essential for your hotel to gather a boost in its direct bookings. Therefore, we have come up with three important tips for you to make...
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10 Insightful Ways to Encourage Guest Feedback

Word-of-mouth, also called WOM marketing, is the best advertising. If you had a pound for every time you’ve heard that or read it somewhere, you could probably retire. Recent research clearly shows the impact of guest feedback in online travel. More and more customers read...
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