Are you using your booking engine to the maximum of its potential? A good way of making sure is by seeing if you use these booking engine strategies that every revenue manager needs to know about. With a powerful, flexible booking engine, you can carry out the following strategies very easily.

Make the Prices Clear and Without Hidden Extras

People hate to get to the end of the booking process and then discover hidden charges. You can earn the trust of your visitors by making sure that your prices are always clear and easy to understand. One of the big advantages of offering rooms directly is that you control the prices at all times.

Give Visitors a Reason to Book Now

Creating a feeling of urgency is a classic sales tactic in any industry.  You need to make your visitors think that acting right away is essential. This can be done by making it a time-limited offer or else limiting it to a certain number of rooms.

Choose the Nights You Want to Offer Deals On

It is likely that Saturday is one of your strongest nights of the week. This is typically a good night for most hotels. Therefore, it makes sense to offer deals on other nights. It can be a good idea to offer deals on Fridays or Sundays, to encourage more people to stay for an extra night at the weekend.

Get Your Deals Seen By More People

Optimizing your deals means that they have a better chance of being seen by more people. You might also want to use social media sites to show them off. Another good idea is to target them at the locations or types of mobile devices you are most interested in reaching out to. 

Offer Late Deals

Last-minute offers can help you to fill the rooms that are left empty. A good booking engine strategy will allow you to quickly get out the details of the rooms that you need to get filled if you can. Special discounts will ensure that at least you aren’t left with rooms that are empty and not earning you anything. 

Set Up Different Rates and Packages

There is no need to stick to one set rate for every guest. Sophisticated booking engine strategies let you offer different packages for the likes of families, couples and business travelers. This is easy to do on a good booking engine and can encourage your site’s visitors to finalize their bookings on terms that suit them.

Make full use of the power of your booking engine to get more paying guests and increase your revenue accordingly.