One of the most interesting hospitality trends in Europe just now is the presence of new capsule hotels. These tiny rooms have traditionally been seen as a Japanese creation. However, there are signs that they could make a big impression in Europe in 2020.

What Are Capsule Hotels?

These are convenient hotels that are usually located in the most popular areas of big cities, where space is often at a premium.  Rows of capsules are fitted in, with each guest having their own private space that is just big enough to sleep comfortably in. They are usually filled with useful types of technology for travellers, such as Wi-Fi and chargers.

The first capsule hotels appeared in Japan in the late 1970s. Also known as pod hotels, they were viewed as being an efficient solution when commuters needed an inexpensive place to spend the night away from home.

Businesspeople who miss their last train home could sleep here without any problems and at little cost. These hotels are still typically used by male workers and Japan and are commonly seen around train stations. They have since spread around Asia but it is only now that these tiny, private rooms look like taking off in Europe too.

Why Are They Popular?

Capsule hotels offer guests a number of advantages. For a start, they provide an inexpensive accommodation option in extremely popular areas. They are often substantially cheaper than traditional hotel rooms in the same area.

They also give guests good connectivity options and a social experience. This kind of hotel could be viewed as being like a hostel but with private rooms instead of shared dorms. It is fair to say that some people will be keen to try them just because they look so different and futuristic.

The biggest downside is the fact that some people may feel cramped or even claustrophobic in one of these miniature hotel rooms. However, there are plenty of guests who report feeling completely comfortable and at ease in a capsule.

The Latest on Capsule Hotels in Europe

Among the European cities with this type of hotel are Amsterdam and Lucerne. They are also arriving to Italy just now, with Milan getting a capsule hotel and more planned across the country.

In 2020, the cities in Europe that offer this kind of hotel will include Vienna and Warsaw. There are also some planned for airports around the continent. They are especially popular with young travellers, and it is easy to imagine many more of them springing up across Europe in the new few years.