Increase in Direct Conversion Rate


Reach new customers online cost-effectively


Use Google Hotel Ads
Commissioned pricing Run campaigns on and Google Maps on desktops and smartphones


  • 1,041.5% Net Return on Ad Spend
  • Ratio of bookings from new customers is 12.05% higher than paid search ads
  • 999% ROI for CIER for March,2017
  • 8.5% Conversion rate for the month of March

Google Hotel Ads has allowed us to connect to potential guests by putting us at the right place at the right time. It has also empowered us to be booked directly than relying on other channels and ultimately reducing the distribution costs

Manager, Comfort Inn Edgware

Keeping up with the tourism industry and travelers?

The sensory overload of new and old digital channels like social media and smartphone is becoming overwhelming with the passage of time. These channels hold an extreme importance in the eye of a modern traveler. They hold the power to tilt decisions, making it more challenging for hotels to keep pace with the rapid changing consumer behaviors and the galloping tourism industry.

The challenge for Comfort Inn is to meet the expectations of their customers and fulfil their needs and wants.

Straight Gains for Comfort Inn?

Google Hotel ads are making a large impact by the way its supporting Comfort Inn in its direct business. It helps in establishing and maintaining a direct, healthy relationship with guests.

Google Hotel Ads—Convenience for travelers, control for hotels?

Comfort Inn Edgware incorporated Google Hotel Ads’ feature via BookingWhizz to reach new, potential customers worldwide. They captured high-quality traffic all the while increasing their direct bookings on their hotel website.
Google Hotel Ads appear wherever people are found shopping for hotels. They are available on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. While searching they easily customize travel dates, examine hotel reviews, photos and compare all the existing rates.
Once a customer settles on a hotel, they proceed directly towards their respective hotel websites in order to complete their bookings.
Live in more than 100 countries, Hotel Ads are displayed on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ Local, connecting travelers in their native currencies that are shopping for hotels with properties having room inventory matching their search criteria.

Final Word

Comfort Inn has witnessed its investments in Google Hotel Ads deliver a substantial amount of positive results. Hotel ads were especially proven as powerful tools to reach new and potential customers. As for recent stats of March 2017, Hotel ads were able to directly impact the company’s business figures. An impact on efficiency is also visibly strong with an astounding 1,041.5% return on ad spend!

Hotel Ads help us stay relevant to customers and to get the message to the right user at the right time, so we get the most qualified lead,” the Head of Marketing at Comfort Inn Edgware observes “We’re able to address shifts in customer behavior by partnering with Google to move us forward.