For the Hotel Manager with no Marketing Dream Team: How to fill your Rooms.

How to Create a Family-Friendly Hotel 

Current predictions suggest that by 2022 family travel will have increased by 25% from 2017’s figures. This will mean around 376 million family trips annually across the planet.

Because of this, many hotels and other companies in the hospitality sector are keen to attract more families. Why are the key points to bear in mind that will allow you to create a family-friendly hotel?

Make It Easy

Families are moving away from the traditional trips to the beach on all-inclusive breaks. Many parents now want to explore cities and rural locations. However, it still makes sense to offer them an easy, stress-free trip.  

The check-in process is something to pay particular attention to. After a long, tiring trip a family with a young child will want to be able to check-in without any fuss or delay. Let them do this effortlessly so that they can head straight to their room to relax.

Create Special Events

A free kid’s program with sports or shows can work wonders in helping everyone to enjoy the trip. This gives parents a chance to relax and stops youngsters from getting bored and restless.

This doesn’t have to be a hugely complicated affair. You can perhaps organize a kid’s disco, face painting or any other type of activity that you think the young ones will love taking part in.

Offer Great Prices

Many parents make a huge effort to take their kids away on holiday for a week or two to a family-friendly hotel. This is a part of the year that they look forward to immensely and that they might save up for the rest of the year to make happen.

You should strive to offer special deals that families can take advantage of. Maybe you will set up some promotions for the school holidays or offer meals for kids who are staying with you.      

Offer Interesting Services

Families who stay with you might like to hire bikes to explore the local areas. Or they might be interested in family swimming lessons in your pool. It is likely that you have some great services that they will be keen to try if you let them know.

Think about the family attractions in your hotel and in the surrounding area. What are the things that you would most like to draw their attention to?   

Creating a fun, family-friendly hotel can bring you great rewards, so it is worth putting some effort into doing this right.