Find the Right Voice for Your Hotel Blog

One of the great things about starting a hotel blog is that it gives you a chance to show a unique voice to the world. Yet, what if you aren’t sure what kind of voice you should use on it?

It pays to put some thought into this matter before you get going. So how can you make sure that you find the right voice for all of your posts?

Be Consistent

Perhaps the biggest mistake made on many hotel blogs is that of not finding a consistent voice. This is what ties everything together and tells the world what your brand is all about. Are you fun and playful or serious and highly professional?

This doesn’t mean that every single piece that you write is going to be exactly the same, of course. You might have different people writing your articles and you will want to approach the various subjects that you cover in differing ways. However, it is your overall voice that will determine the style that you use each time.

Having this matter clear from the beginning will also make it easier for you to start writing on any subject in a confident way. If you go for a funny tone or a highly polished style then you will find it easier to find the best way of starting up new articles each time.

Consider Your Types of Guest

Another point to consider is what type of hotel blog voice is most likely to appeal to your potential guests. This will be determined by the type of person you hope to attract and the sort of guest experience that you offer.

For instance, if you are mainly used by business travellers then you will want to adopt a professional attitude that fills them with confidence. You don’t need to be boring and totally serious all the time, but you do need to show that you know how to deal with business travellers efficiently.

What if you rely mainly on couples or young groups of fun-seekers to fill your hotel? You need to find the right voice that appeals to them and lets them see what kind of experience they can look forward to. These people don’t really want a dry, professional approach, do they? They are mainly interested in having a good time, after all.         

All of this means that the quicker that you find the right voice on your hotel blog the easier it will be to post great articles that people enjoy reading and that help you to attract more guests.