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How to Build a Hotel Booking Site That Makes People Feel Welcome

Having a hotel booking site that allows direct bookings is one of the keys for any forward-looking hotel. This lets you earn more revenue while keeping full control of the booking process at the same time. Yet, it is easy to make the mistake of not creating a website that is welcoming enough.

How can you avoid this happening? There are a few important points that will help you create a welcoming site where anyone can feel at home.

Make It Secure

There is no excuse these days for running a hotel booking site that isn’t completely secure. This is something that every visitor expects if they are going to enter their personal information to make a booking.

The use of SSL encryption is essential if you want to show your visitors that you offer a safe place to make bookings. When visitors see the HTTPS protocol and a padlock at the top of the screen they are likely to feel a lot more confident.   

Add Videos and Images to Your Hotel Booking Site

There is a lot of information that you need to cram into a hotel website. Yet, it is important that you don’t simply concentrate on filling the pages with endless words and numbers.

Some images and videos can let people see exactly what you offer. A stunning view from your swimming pool or a video tour of your restaurant lets first-time bookers see exactly what you have in store for them.

If they want to see more images and videos then they should be able to do so in a gallery or on your blog posts. You might also want to link to your social media accounts, where you can show the world what you have to offer.

Give Them Personalised Offers

Everyone likes to be made to feel a little special. Because of this, they will feel more welcome at your hotel booking site if you give them a chance to personalize the experience.

This can mean letting them access secret deals and see their loyalty scheme details once they sign in. In this way, your regular guests will feel right at home. You can also send out automated, personalized reminders to anyone who abandons the booking process part of the way through.

Of course, the more you make people feel comfortable, the more chance there is getting a lot of new bookings made. Therefore, it pays to put some thought into how to do this effectively.