Adding hotel content to your website and social media accounts is a task that should be enjoyable as well as rewarding. However, there may be times when you are lost for ideas or need something different.

In cases like this, obtaining user-generated content can be the best option. How can you do this and what are the benefits that you can obtain from it?

Get Reviews That Other Users Trust

One of the most obvious ways of getting content from your users is by asking them to leave reviews of the hotel. Visitors to the site will tend to put more trust in reviews that they can see are from real guests who have stayed there in the past.

Even a set of short, fairly basic testimonials can work wonders in terms of getting people to feel a higher level of trust for what they see. 

Add Some Great Photos

Adding more photos is a smart way of making your hotel content more comprehensive. This is another area in which your guests can help you out. People often take interesting, unusual photos in hotels, which is far better than just showing images of empty rooms.

How can you get people to take part in this? A good move is to open up a contest for guests to send in the best or most creative photos taken at your hotel. You might be surprised at how many amazing images you end up collecting.

You will want to offer a worthwhile prize for contributions, with the likes of an all-expenses trip paid to your hotel sure to get people interested in taking part.   

Attract Attention on Social Media

Getting enough attention on social media is one of the biggest issues for businesses in every industry these days. You can make a bigger impression if you get your guests to take part, though.

The first step is to think of a suitable hashtag. This is what will help people to find the thread and to start it trending, so it needs to be something memorable.

When your guests get involved and add content, it will be shared out among more people. Therefore, it makes sense to use a subject that will encourage as many users as possible to take part and share.


The use of hotel content that has been created by users is a good way of letting more people see your brand. It also means that you can save time and effort on producing your own in-house content.