A recent hospitality industry meeting in Dubai covered the growing need for good hotel cybersecurity. The Hospitality sub-group of the UAE Internal Auditors Association revealed that the industry is increasingly under attack from cyber criminals these days.

The Headline Figures

Delegates at the meeting heard that a cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds right now. In addition, more than 290 data records are stolen every second. Another worrying figure showed that there has been a 133% increase in the number of compromised data records in the last year.

In terms of the cost involved, the average cyber-attack costs a total of $3.86 million. Each data record that is stolen has an average cost of $148. As well as the financial impact, there is also the possible reputational damage to take into account.  

Any hotel that suffers a cyber-attack can lose clients, particularly if they handle the fallout from it poorly.

How to Achieve Good Hotel Cybersecurity

With hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is almost impossible to be certain of avoiding issues like this. However, by following sensible hotel cybersecurity methods, you can lower the risk of your data security being breached.

For example, the need for looking at threats in the “protection and the DNA” of every hotel was discussed at the meeting. Hotels need to be protected against different types of attacks, such as phishing and hacking.  

One of the reasons that hotels are at risk is that they store relatively high amounts of personal and financial data about guests. Having access to this data is essential for them to offer a personalized experience and a reward scheme, but it also means that cybercriminals are keen to get hold of their databases.   

It is important to understand the risks and to deal with them adequately. This means putting in place systems and processes that help to protect clients, starting with a secure booking engine and website. A powerful security protocol and use of the latest encryption techniques make it a lot more difficult for hackers to break in.

Training team members is another important step in this process that can’t be missed. They need to know how to handle sensitive customer data in order to reduce the risk of it being compromised.

Good hotel cybersecurity is essential for every hotel these days. If you need to improve the security of your data then now is the right time to go about it.