For the Hotel Manager with no Marketing Dream Team: How to fill your Rooms.

Hotel Email Marketing Tips and Techniques

There are some powerful reasons for using hotel email marketing to grow your business. Reaching out to customers by email has long been regarded as being one of the most effective marketing approaches.

Yet, there are some common errors that are still made by marketing teams when working in this way. What are the main tips to be aware of in order to get the maximum benefit out of the emails that you send?

Grab Their Attention

Did you know that the average office worker receives 121 emails each day? The latest figure

s suggest that around 300 billion emails are sent each year. It is easy to imagine how many of them are ignored and never even get opened.

Grab your customer’s attention right away. Let them see that this is a great offer. Perhaps it is time-limited or maybe you only have a few rooms at a special price. Either way, you need to find a way to instantly appeal to them.

The advantage of hotel email marketing is that it is a subject that people are interested in. We all want to find out about great places to stay and how to save money on trips. So make your emails as interesting and as tempting as possible.

Make a Personal Approach to Your Hotel Email Marketing

A lot of people like to think that they have a personal relationship with their favorite hotels. It is also fair to say that people tend to ignore impersonal emails more easily than those that are addressed to them.

Both of these are good reasons to adopt a personal approach to your hotel email marketing. This means more than just using their name at the top of the message, though.

You should also look to tailor the offers you send them. Is a particular guest likely to be tempted by a romantic break or an adventurous weekend? Knowing your guests will help you to speak to them on a more personal basis.

Give them a Call to Action Button 

You can’t expect people to spend a lot of time reading your mail and then deciding what to do about it. Interestingly, it was reported that the time people spend reading an email has increased recently. It went up by 7% between 2011 and 2016.

Having said that, it is still a relatively tiny 11.1 seconds spent on each message. So, it is important to grab their attention and then show them exactly what to do next. The best idea is to add a clearly marked call to action button that they can click on.

It is generally accepted that this button should take readers to the site’s landing page. In this way, they only need a few clicks to get anywhere on the site.