With BookingWhizz, your Hotel can utilize the power of automation, mobile, smart rewards programs, and the latest marketing and sales strategies that you need to personalize service and deliver exceptional guest
experiences that win loyalty.

BookingWhizz’s leading the way toward a new decade in hospitality technology, with an array of software and marketing focusing on guest experience, loyalty, point of sale, reporting, analytics, and much more.

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    helps you fill your rooms by

    Hotel CRM & Loyalty

    Turn your one-time hotel guest
    into a lifetime loyalty member.

    Hotel Marketing

    Personalize and automate to stay in touch and drive repeat bookings

    Hotel Sales

    A Single-point dashboard for
    managing all your distribution

    Booking Booster

    Drive your direct revenue with our
    8 booking booster tools


    In BookingWhizz, software is our passion. We strive to improve our customers operations through complete and easy to use software solutions.
    The end goal is automate operations. increase occupancy. boost revenues. That comes with all the marketing, sales and support services your hotel needs.
    We offer you complete in-house solutions and tailored packages to get things done quickly and efficiently. Let’s help you get started.

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