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Intelligence Booking Engine that’s built right into your Hotel Website. Because travelers are online more than ever — and they expect more from your hotel digital experience.
Drive website traffic and quick results with the power of BookingWhizz booking engine equipped with our intelligent booking booster tools, tailored for the needs of all Hoteliers.
BookingWhizz booking engine turns your website into the best performing booking channel with zero commission while protecting your hotel brand from OTAs.
Hoteliers choose the booking engine that makes their hotel business future-proof with a scalable and flexible direct booking strategy.

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    Engage your hotel website visitors with empathy and sell your rooms directly. Quickly launch retargeting campaigns with specially tailored offers.​

    BookingWhizz booking engine and booking booster tools help hotels secure 20-38% more bookings directly from their official websites. No OTAs involved and no commissions. Simple and smooth reservation experience while using PC, phones, or tablets, your guests can avail of special offers, promo codes, and the ability to do group bookings.

    Why not turn “I’m just looking” into “I’ve just booked”?
    Learn how we build direct booking strategies that
    drive real results.

    Do you know?

    Our hotels receive 20-38% more bookings directly from their official websites.
    This year, hotels’ digital revenue grew 71% globally.
    78% of hoteliers say guest engagement should be data-driven

    Turn your website into the besT performing booking channel

    Increase direct bookings

    Reduce website abandonment by creating a seamless booking experience and targeted sales messages that keep visitor interested.

    Treat your potential guests:

    Guests appreciate being offered the opportunity to book a room directly with a fast, easy, and mobile-friendly booking engine.

    No added commissions​

    Share less revenue with third parties. And don’t let OTAs hijack your hotel brand.

    Personalize the entire booking process

    Invest in guest loyalty:

    Boost revenue by upselling promotion alerts and packages early-bird and last-minute deals, extended-stay discounts or extras.

    Multiple Languages & Currencies:

    Multiple languages and multiple currencies will help you expand your hotel’s reach in global markets.

    Retargeting Campaigns:

    Pixel tracking to improve conversions from google and social ads so you can optimize your audience and messaging and boost ad performance.

    Own your booking experience from beginning to end.

    Interface with PMS System

    Establish seamless integration with your existing PMS.

    Smart Chatbots Integrations

    Keep the conversations going on website and social and deliver world-class support.

    Sale Through Your Facebook Fan Page

    Converting your Facebook fans into happy guests, the social media integration allows your visitors to make direct hotel booking from the Facebook page.

    Ready Plug & Play Widgets

    Add and edit various ready-to-use plugins & widgets on website to create a unique booking experience.

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