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52% of Potential Guests are likely to switch if hotels don’t personalize communications.
57% of Guests expect easy-to-use Mobile Experiences
87% of Guests believe hotels need to have the resources to resolve their issues in real time.


WhatsApp & CRM Integration

We use full automation so you can deliver more human, personal, and consistent quality service with every interaction with your guests

Manage every aspect of your guest relationship with WhatsApp Business API Messenger you can get your message to new markets and expand your business opportunities. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Access guests segments from your CRM
  • Direct personal advertising to your database

  • Membership updates and offers

  • Reduce the cost by using WhatsApp API

  • Send invitations for conferences, meetings and events

Learn more about managing every aspect of your guest relationship

Transform experiences for a new age of guest relations management

New age of travelling is ahead of us. Travelers with heightened expectations will ask for a personalized experience, tailored only for their needs. To succeed, hotels will need to offer seamless experiences, tailored to individual guests before, during, and after the stay itself.
This solution uses BookingWhizz technology to connect systems, channels, and teams to inspire more bookings.

Together with smarter, more personalized points-based reward systems and rewards programs, you’ll be able to create experiences that delight guests.

And by curating feedback, previous guests’ experiences and interactions, you can build loyalty and keep them coming back.

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    Here’s how it works

    This solution elevates the entire booking experience by letting you deliver personalized messages that inspire guests, provide relevant recommendations based on guest profile info, location, and preferences, and deliver classy services and high engagement levels before, during, and after the stay itself through a world-class fully customized CRM dashboard.
    Use 360-degree views to fully tap into your guests mind
    BookingWhizz CRM provides marketing automation and guest intelligence for enterprise hotels, multi-property and multi-brand hotels. Drive loyalty and leverage real-time data to provide personalized one-to-one communications for every guest.

    Continue the experience with personalized

    Dynamic Guest Profiles

    Consolidate disparate data into your Guest Profiles to create an accurate vivid persona of your guest.

    Advanced Guest Segmentation

    Build dynamic guest segments to send relevant, valuable, and super personalized marketing campaigns to your database.

    Central Control Hub

    Data pulled and aggregated from all disparate channels and third-party solutions then translated into the only key metrics you need.

    Control The Guest Relationship

    Take back control and manage every aspect of your guest relationship before, during, and after their stay.

    2 in 1 Loyalty and Reward Program

    Reward guests with a personalized, distinctive loyalty experience that encourages them to keep coming back.

    CRM – WhatsApp Integration

    Run all your campaigns before, during, and after stay on WhatsApp and forget about the low response and reply rates.

    Build better guest relationships with rich guest
    profiles and data-driven Insights

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    CRM – Guest Journey

    Explore how Automation will convert your first time guest to a lifelong customer!


    Plan Experience
    • Weather & Travel Info
    • Personalized Confirmation Email

    • Preference Form

    • Room Upgrades & Special Requests

    • Scheduling Activities & Events

    In-Stay Campaigns

    Guide Experience
    • Welcome Survey
    • Activity & Event Reminders
    • Food & Beverage Offers
    • Encourage Social Media Interaction


    Nurture Experience
    • Relevant Need Period Campaigns
    • Analytics to Identify Targets for Campaigns
    • Satisfaction Survey
    • Anniversary & Birthday Emails
    • Food & Beverage Offers for Locals
    • Tripadvisor Post/Pull

    • OTA direct Book Offer

    • Loyalty Program Invitation

    Learn more about managing every aspect of your guest relationship

    Engage. Delight. Reward. Repeat Guests Increase

    BookingWhizz offers a 2 in1 service, revolutionary Reward & Loyalty program. It comes with a large arsenal of ready to use promotions powered by an interactive dashboard.

    BookingWhizz helps you set up your promotions and rewards that you’d like to offer to your loyal customers.

    Either you provide reward points, or give discounts and promotions on stays, or even Spa and other recreational services that you offer; it’s fully customized and fully automated.

    Choose when you want to offer the rewards; either on the first transaction, or every time they transact or in some other way.

    Integrations: 2-Way connection with
    leading PMS vendors

    Cash back

    Cash is King

    We recognize the value of cash back incentives and have introduced facilities that may be used as a complement, or replacement to traditional points-based rewards. Options include cash vouchers for points earned, delivered automatically via email or direct mail; cash awards for attending events or buying specific products; cash incentives for any promotion you operate; and cash back on qualifying purchases!….
    All tracked and managed using built in cash accounts associated to each loyalty member

    Birthday and Anniversary Promotion

    Delight with a personal touch!

    Surprise loyalty members by honoring their birthdays and anniversaries with something special and unexpected. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to ensuring their future business!

    Guest Appreciation Promotion

    Reinforce loyalty by recognizing and encouraging purchasing behavior.

    With BookingWhizz rewards, you can show appreciation based on program engagement, frequency of visits, purchasing behavior, or any other criteria you wish to identify and promote.

    Miss you promotion

    Bring guests back with an offer of something new!

    You can’t stop attrition, but you can certainly take action to reduce it. The BookingWhizz rules engine identifies declines in visits and purchase frequency and allows hotels to set triggers for immediate action.
    Reporting dashboards offer valuable insights with benchmarks for continued improvement overtime.


    Encourage your most engaged guests

    Motivate them to share positive experiences with rewards for each new member they refer!
    Implement a raffle promotion yet another interesting way to entice customers to visit more often. Customers may earn raffle entries based on purchasing behavior and or visits. No purchase is required, and options are available to ensure legal compliance.

    Survey Promotion

    Guests surveys reinforce what you’re doing right and offer insights
    into the areas that need attention.

    Let your customers tell you how to improve. BookingWhizz combines survey requests with member incentives to achieve unprecedented response rate. Guests maybe targeted based on demographics and purchasing behavior.

    Survey requests are delivered by email, or SMS texts and taken online with promotions matched to special survey codes that are tracked as part of the loyalty program.


    Issue and track coupons electronically. Measure the effectiveness of your print campaign.

    Coupons can significantly influence customers spending behaviors and former critical component of your marketing plan BookingWhizz has made the coupon issuance and track and measure the results electronically whilst providing insights to your ROI and eliminating problems with traditional coupons, such as employee abuse, counterfeiting and overuse. Track print Ad ROI by including coupon code in your print Ad that readers can provide to receive the associated offer.
    By using different coupon codes in different print Ads, You can gain solid inside into the effectiveness of your Ad campaigns as we as the resulting ROI.

    Social Media

    Just about everyone engages in Social Media these days!

    With BookingWhizz you will be able to encourage guests to leave reviews on social review sites and provide point incentives for members that LIKE your Facebook page, TWEET something special, or FOLLOW you on Twitter or Instagram.
    ‘Social Media hooks’ appear online for easy access by your guests.

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