Improve your Guest experience before, during and after their stay

Address changing times with relevant, empathetic digital marketing. Now Hotels must speak to guests with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time. The guest experience should be consistent on all channels and platforms like Email, WhatsApp, Search Engines, Social Media, Website, and Mobile App.
BookingWhizz “Hotel Marketing Solutions allow you to talk to guests individually and create a one-to-one relationship from their first reservation until they turn into loyal guests.”

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    Speak to your guests with the right message, in
    the right tone, at the right time

    Be guest-centric​ and build a single, comprehensive view of each guest to power one-to-one journeys. BookingWhizz marketing hub empowers you to discover new segments, identify the likeliest guest to engage, and power predictive recommendations — All Automated.
    Operate with ease​, and leverage our pre-built templates, streamlined messaging flows, and mobile app to easily create and execute cross-channel campaigns.
    Connect every interaction​, integrate every touchpoint and experience with your hotel brand across advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, service, and apps.

    Meet the complete set of Hotel marketing solutions
    and tools, built on a unified platform

    Email Campaign

    Build and design fully personalized elegant email campaigns with your hotel brand, or choose from 5000 automated scenarios.

    WhatsApp Campaign

    Double the open and reply rates and don’t worry about the missing email address. Manage every aspect of your guest relationship with WhatsApp Business API Messenger.

    Google Hotel Ads

    With Google Hotel Price Ads (GHPA), you can have your hotel placed in the eyes of the millions of travelers that use Google to make their hotel bookings every day.

    Hotel App

    We are now offering each of our hotels the opportunity to have their own fully customized IOS and Android mobile app.

    SEO & Digital Marketing

    Link building strategy, Google AdWords & PPC campaigns, and registration of your website in relevant travel directories, search engines, and social media channels.

    Web Design & Development

    Get your own Free hotel website, which will be your main and most effective distribution channel.

    Build Omni-channel Hotel Marketing Campaigns and
    support your guests at every stage

    Do you know?

    64% of Travelers say hotel should provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep up with the competition
    9.6% is the average increase in booking rates thanks to personalization only
    10X more data harness with nearly no effort

    Improve your Guest experience before, during
    and after their stay from their first reservation
    until they turn into loyal guests

    Before their stay

    Prepare for the arrival of your guest and get to know them

    • Weather & Travel Info
    • Personalized Confirmation Email

    • Preference Form

    • Room Upgrades & Special Requests

    • Scheduling Activities & Events

    During their stay
    Make your guests’ life easier and keep them engaged
    • Welcome Survey
    • Activity & Event Reminders
    • Food & Beverage Offers

    • Encourage Social Media Interaction

    After their stay

    Build guest loyalty with ease

    • Relevant Need Period Campaigns

    • Analytics to Indentity Targets for Campaigns

    • Satisfaction Survey

    • Anniversary & Birthday Emails

    • Food & Beverage Offers for Locals

    • Tripadvisor Post/Pull

    • OTA direct Book Offer

    • Loyalty Program Invitation

    Help your next guest find you and drive bookings with Google Hotel Ads

    Millions of travelers around the world search for hotels on Google very day. We are proud to announce our official partnership with Google Hotel Ads. Ever since we have gained this status, we are focusing towards specializing on hotel advertisements. Our aim is to improve and empower hotels by promoting direct bookings on their websites using Google Hotel Ads.


    We will develop and integrate effective digital marketing strategies to increase direct bookings by driving more traffic to your website. Using SEO, link building strategies, content creation, blog, social media, Google AdWords, and PPC campaigns.

    Customized Hotel IOS &
    Android App

    Developers at BookingWhizz also design you a custom mobile application. A hotel app is extremely valuable when you want to synchronize your bookings, increase direct reservations and encourage repeat business. Your app will be available for guests who want access to your hotel services on their smartphone or tablet.

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