Supercharge your hotel growth
by connecting sales with service,
marketing, and more.

See every interaction your guests have with your hotel—regardless of the channel or the department—using the CRM platform that connects your whole hotel business with all your chosen distribution channels. And from a single-point dashboard, manage your rooms and rates in full sync.

Fill your rooms faster by teaming up sales with marketing and avoid
overbookings through all the major distribution channels

BookingWhizz helps hotel managers to build and automate their
distribution strategy.

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    Create connected experiences faster and integrate
    with any distribution channels, make critical and time-sensitive decisions to sell more rooms, ensure increased occupancy and make more revenue​

    BookingWhizz reduces the complexity of hotels’ distribution channels. Management of room inventory and rates and keeping them in sync with each other online is a major challenge, BookingWhizz takes care of this for you seamlessly.
    BookingWhizz Channel Manager, GDS, Consortia, and Online Concierge connect, room inventory and rates get updated across all online hotel distribution systems. The system also stays in sync with your front-desk.

    Meet the platform that turns sales, service, marketing,
    and apps into Booking machines

    Channel Manager

    One platform to manage all your booking channels. With ease, update room inventory and rates in real-time on all channels. Think of it as an online brochure for your hotel, appearing on thousands of travel agent systems and travel websites.


    Seamlessly connected to all four global distribution systems (GDS) and Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) to reach hundreds of thousands of travel agents. Reach the growing number of travel websites providing real-time reservation capabilities for travelers booking online.


    Direct connection to Consortia and Travel Management Companies (TMC). The size, market reach, and expertise of TMC’s and Consortia result in an extremely large amount of revenue that they drive to hotels worldwide.

    Hotel concierge software

    Hotel concierge software empowers the hotel to meet guest expectations. It enables concierge and front desk staff to act as a team, managing all guest requests and guest communication with one system. The software helps create opportunities for upselling, get the payment, and improve the guest experience.

    Manage your rooms and rates in one place. Reach
    more travelers. Get more reservations.

    Do you know?

    300+ booking channels and zero added commissions available for you using BookingWhizz channel manager
    600,000+ travel agents across the globe are available for you to connect with using BookingWhizz GDS
    30+ rental vacation rental lodging websites like AirBnB, Holiday Lettings, and new channels are added regularly.

    Connect to all the major distribution channels
    and stay always in sync

    Control daily pricing and availability across all
    your booking channels with one click

    Always in sync:

    Your availability and rates are always in sync in real-time. When a room is booked on an OTA or your property’s website, BookingWhizz Channel Manager instantly updates everything.

    Unique pool inventory model: ​

    One website login for all sites and with one-click control daily pricing and availability. Dramatically reduce the risk of over-bookings.

    Build and automate your distribution strategy

    Full control:

    Sell rooms. Set different pricing. Sell in multiple currencies, and customize automated marketing campaigns for each channel. Achieve last room availability with ease by using centralized inventory.

    Increase Occupancy and Boost Revenue:​

    By connecting to and being visible on the online distribution channels (OTAs and GDS)in addition to direct bookings on your website.

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