Create Exceptional Guest Experiences with One-Click Bookings Easy Upselling, and a Personal Touch

Send The Right Message On The Right Platform, and connect to your guests in a whole new way with WhatsApp Business API integrated with the all-in-one hotel CRM platform.
With BookingWhizz WhatsApp-CRM bridge, you can enable, integrate, and maintain real-time communications through the most important new channel, WhatsApp.

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Develop meaningful guest experiences and navigate change faster on a trusted, intelligent platform

Speed up your guest experiences
Accelerate the guest’s time-to-value by making it cheaper, faster, and easier to make direct bookings and interact with all your hotel services.
Grow your guest footprint
Connect with new systems and collect more data to grow your guest footprint, and extend your hotel marketing campaigns reach.
Focus on innovation, not integration
Harness built-in technology and services so you can focus on transforming your guest experiences.

Put the guest at the center of your hotel’s digital transformation strategy

Create connected experiences faster during the COVID-19 crisis with a trusted integration and API platform.
  • Unlock, integrate data, and collect any missing info (Pre, During, and Post) guest stay to deliver critical, time-sensitive, and data-driven marketing campaigns.

  • Stay connected with your guests, and send WhatsApp messages without having to manage hosting, scaling, and constant software updates.

  • Go Omnichannel, and optimize your campaigns’ delivery rates with failover capabilities to SMS and gain real-time insights and feedback.

Create new possibilities and future-proof your
integrations with API-led connectivity.

Do you know?

are happier to engage with brands on more digital channels since the pandemic
of WhatsApp users use the app on a daily basis.
increase in WhatsApp being the preferred communication channel across the 18-54 years age group

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