Romantic Breaks or Corporate Events: What Area of the Hotel Market Should You Be Exploiting?

Can hotels restrict their potential market without even realising it? It may be that you are limiting your chances of bringing in new guests without even realising it.

Ideally, you will appeal to as many different types of guest as possible. How can you do this, though, without over-stretching or losing any of your existing customers in the process? We can discover this by looking at two of the biggest hotel market segments and how to exploit them.

The Future of Business Travel

Before you go ahead and commit to attracting either of these types of traveller, you will want to see what the future holds for each of them. Starting with business travel, what can you expect if you set your sights on this market?

This type of travel has been growing steadily in recent years, with a greater desire for flexibility and technology among the key factors. The need to do business face to face is as strong as ever, despite the growth in ways of communicating remotely.

It is interesting to see that 77% of business travellers use their mobile device to manage their travel plans. This opens up interesting possibilities for hotels that have their own apps or mobile-optimised sites. Offering the chance to use technology on their trips gives you a clear advantage in this sector.


The Future of Romantic Breaks

Despite what you might have read elsewhere, romance isn’t dead. It isn’t likely to disappear any time soon either.

Indeed, reports suggest that couples that travel together have better relationships. 63% of the people surveyed said that having a weekend away is more romantic than getting a gift. Once a couple tries this, it is probable that they are keen to keep on getting away.

Just about every couple dreams of getting away from it all for a night or two. This is something that is unlikely to ever change, although clearly issues such as the current economic climate will affect how often they can do this.

Consider the Benefits of Your Location

What are the main benefits of your location? Are you close to some large offices or to a business centre? Are there romantic restaurants and places of natural beauty nearby?

The truth is that many hotels are well placed to exploit both of these sections of the hotel market. By putting some thought into it, you should find that it is relatively easy to see why both business travellers and happy couples would want to come here for a few nights.

Naturally, you may need to point out some of these attractions to potential visitors. Not everyone will be aware of all of the reasons why they should choose your hotel for their future breaks.

Tailor Your Advertising and Offers

Business travellers and romantic couples are completely different types of traveller with varying reasons for choosing a particular hotel. How can you expect to appeal to both of these groups with the same approach?

Business travellers will generally look for comfort and convenience. They want to check in and out without any fuss and know that they will receive an efficient level of attention whenever they need something. Price might not be such a big issue for this sort of traveller.

As for people looking for a romantic break, they will usually want a high degree of comfort and the feeling of doing something special together. They may be enticed by the thought of spa services, indulgent meals and other unforgettable treats.

By understanding both of these hotel markets you can more easily work out how to appeal to each of them.