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From Pop to Podcasting: The Best Hotel Marketing Campaigns in History

Have you ever dreamed of running spectacular hotel marketing campaigns that capture the imagination of the public and lead to increased sales?

There have been some great campaigns run for hotels over the years. The following are some of the most important ones.

Pop Videos Featuring Hyatt Hotels

The interesting approach taken by Hyatt Hotels was to carry out music videos featuring pop star Dua Lipa. This interesting idea is based on promoting their luxury properties on social media. The video for her hit song New Rules featured their The Confidante hotel almost as much as the singer.

The viewing figures for this campaign were impressive. It racked up more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube and was also seen some 20 million times on Hyatt’s own channels.  The official video was backed up by several other pieces of content that took viewers behind the scenes.

Virtual Reality from Best Western

Some analysts believe that virtual reality will become a powerful marketing tactic in the future. At the current time, it still isn’t particularly common, but Best Western has started to use VR in their hotel marketing.  

They have done this by adding virtual reality tours that let online visitors see their properties in 360 degrees. Anyone who has a VR headset can get the full experience almost as though they are really there.

A Facebook Suite at The Atlantis

The owners of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai had a clever idea to celebrate reaching the milestone of a million fans on Facebook. They turned one of the rooms at this 5-stat establishment into the Atlantis Fan Suite. This was a Facebook-themed room filled with social media items. For example, a digital mirror showed Facebook feeds and a chair connected the user directly to Facebook Live.

To win a night in this social media suite, people had to like the hotel on Facebook and then choose their preferred dates. This hotel marketing campaign boosted their social media presence and created a memorable impression of the company behind it too.

Podcasting by InterContinental Hotels

There has been an incredible rise in the popularity of podcasts in recent years. One of the hotel brands to make use of this approach is Intercontinental. They brought out a series of stories from three of their locations in different parts of the planet.

As part of this, they opted for a high-quality and natural approach to story-telling that only really mentioned the brand in passing. An inspiring, varied collection of themes helped to make this something that would appeal to many different types of listeners.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. There are many ways to put a spark into your hotel marketing campaigns that you can try.