Why Should You Focus on Post-Stay Hotel Marketing Campaigns?

It is easy to see why you need to contact guests before their stay in your hotel. Yet, it pays to also fully understand the reasons for carrying out post stay hotel marketing campaigns once they have gone home.

This is when you stay in touch with guests once they have left your property. It might not seem like the most important stage of the guest journey, but there are some powerful reasons for ensuring that it is something you focus on from now on.   

Maintain the Relationship

Maintaining a strong relationship with your guests allows you to build up a strong base of loyal customers over time. If they enjoyed their stay with you then there is a good chance that they are happy to keep on receiving communication from you once their stay is over.

This can take the form of a satisfaction survey, birthday emails, food and beverage offers etc. The general idea is that your former guests carry on viewing your hotel as a friendly place that they enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with.  

Invite Them to Join Your Loyalty Program

A loyalty program offers terrific possibilities for better hotel marketing campaigns in the future. When a guest joins this sort of scheme, it greatly increases the chances of them coming back to stay with you regularly in the future.

Just after they have enjoyed a great experience at your hotel is the ideal moment to invite them to join this program.  You certainly don’t want to leave it too late before you give them the chance to do this.

Get Their Feedback

You can also get some extremely useful information when you carry out a satisfaction survey on someone who has recently stayed in your property. Is there some sort of improvement that you need to know about, or are they completely happy with their experience? What do they class as the best things about your hotel?

This sort of feedback is great for your hotel, as it lets you see some of the main areas that you need to focus on in the future.

Let Them Find Out About Your Future Campaigns

By staying in touch with your guests, you will also be able to let them see what you offer in the future. With a bit of luck and some good timing, you might be able to let them see a deal at the perfect time for them to come back to you.

With the BookingWhizz CRM software, it is incredibly easy to set up and manage all of your post-stay marketing campaigns.