The Key Skills a 21st Century Hotel Revenue Manager Needs

Being a hotel revenue manager has always been an interesting yet difficult job. The pace of change that we have seen in the industry in recent times means that it is now more difficult but potentially more satisfying than ever before.

So what are the key skills that you now need to do a fantastic job in this role in the 21st century?

Ability to Analyse Data Effectively

This has typically been a job for someone who is able to quickly get a good grasp on figures. The difference now is that there are so many analysis tools to help you out when it comes to gathering numbers and then understanding them.

This means that there are always plenty of numbers for you to crunch. The key is in knowing what each type of data means and what to do with it. Otherwise, there is the risk of drowning in a sea of figures. Naturally, you also need to understand how best to use the tools available to you.

Great Communication

A hotel revenue manager needs to be able to communicate effectively with a range of different people in this role. This could mean internal colleagues, customers and the numerous other companies that you work with.

You have to work closely with all of these different people to get things done, so it is important that you can clearly explain what you need from them. Poor communication can lead to things going wrong.

Keen to Learn New Skills

There is no doubt that we are living in exciting times. The number of new types of technology that have appeared in the last few years has transformed the way that the hotel industry works.

Few people have been as affected by this as much as revenue managers. They now have to deal with a range of new ways of attracting guests and managing their hotel’s rooms. Of course, anything that makes life easier is well worth looking into, so picking up new skills should come naturally to anyone who is keen to do the best possible job.

Always Looking to Improve

This is the type of role in which it is important to keep on improving continually. Just as new challenges are regularly thrown up, so you will want to find new ways of working your way through them.

A good hotel revenue manager will always be looking for new ideas that help their brand to progress. This isn’t a role for someone who is happy to sit still and let the world move around them.

Find the right tools that help you to maximise your hotel’s revenue in a way that makes sense.