Attracting more visitors to your site is just part of the secret of success. You also need to treat them right to drive more hotel website conversions. The following are a few of the points to bear in mind.

Have Powerful Landing Pages

A great home page makes your site look attractive, but is it doing enough to encourage visitors to make a booking? It is better to direct people to specific landing pages rather than send them all to the home page.

You will want to have different landing pages for each segment you are interested in. This means that one could be tailored for business travelers, another for families and so on.

In this way, each of your visitors immediately sees something that is designed to appeal to them. These landing pages will also make it easier for people to go ahead and make their booking right away.

Show Them Some Good, Trustworthy Reviews

Not everyone trusts the reviews that they see online. However, some studies show that over 90% of people read them and 84% trust them to the same degree as a personal recommendation.  

So, it is important to put some good reviews on your site. They need to be trustworthy too, as customers want to see genuine reviews from real guests. This means including their name and home city, as well as brief comments and their rating for the hotel.

Make Your Site More Attractive

Another big factor in hotel website conversion is the attractiveness of the site. You want a welcoming place that is intuitive to use and pleasant to look at.

A few of the common mistakes to avoid include cramming in too much information, using poor color combinations and making it too difficult to navigate.

On the other hand, you will want to make sure that the main buttons and options stand out clearly. All of the text should be easy to read and there should be spaces or some nice photos to break it up.  

 Give Them a Reason to Book with You 

Everyone needs a good reason to make a final decision when searching for somewhere to stay. This is where a powerful value proposition is needed.

Show your visitors what makes you different from the rest. Are your prices better than the competition or do you offer some sort of special service? Give them a real benefit that makes their decision easy to make.

Getting more hotel website conversions should be one of the major issues for any revenue manager these days. Thankfully, the steps we have just looked at making it easier than you might have feared.