Smart hotel marketing and good special offers can work wonders in encouraging people to book a room. The right tempting deal can be enough to convince someone to go ahead and immediately arrange their accommodation.

Yet, one of the most common reasons that special offers fail is that they are often directed at the wrong people. It may be a fantastic deal but if it goes to the wrong person then they are unlikely to be interested.

Therefore, the key is to work out who you want to appeal to. After that, it is a question of finding a way of targeting them effectively.

Use Geolocation Marketing

One of the most effective ways of sending out offers to your target customers is through geolocation marketing. This simply means that people in different places see different deals.

It is a great way of focussing on a certain city or region during an important holiday period or when a large event is due to take place. In this way, people in other places don’t get to see irrelevant offers that don’t interest them.

Customers tend to respond far better to offers that they feel are tailored to their needs and interests. Seeing an attractive deal that is purely for their city is sure to give them an extra degree of interest in finding out more about it.

Try Marketing by Device

There is no doubt that mobile marketing has turned into big business. With 60% of consumers around the world using a mobile device as their main way of going online, it makes sense to send your message directly to their phones or tablets.

Yet, what if you want to enhance their experience even more? You can do this by sending out varying marketing messages to different types of device. Perhaps you want iPhone users to get a certain offer and Android owners to get something else?

The ability to send your hotel marketing to types of device allows you to get creative and tailor your deals more accurately.

Use Your Database Wisely

Some analysts have suggested that data is the new oil, given its huge importance and value in the digital age. Hotels tend to collect a large amount of information about their guests, but many of them fail to use it wisely.

There are many clever ways that a hotel can use their data to improve their marketing approach, as well as in other ways. By understanding more about your guests and what they want you can more easily send out offers that truly appeal to them.

Your customers can get turned off by seeing lots of irrelevant offers and special deals. On the other hand, they are going to keep a close eye out for your marketing if they know that you always send them offers that they are interested in.

Don’t waste the opportunity to move your hotel marketing onto the next level. Send out your best offers to the people you know will genuinely be interested in them.