Discover the Most Expensive Extras in London Hotels

It isn’t unknown for hotel guests to complain about the price of extras. While these complaints aren’t always justified, Telegraph Travel recently carried out a survey to see what the highest priced extras in London’s 5 star establishments are.

They checked out the cost of some extra little treats in 84 of the capital’s hotels. Are they more expensive or cheaper than you thought they would be?

The Costliest Minibars and Room Service

If you fancy getting a cheeky gin and tonic then you can get one at 45 Park Lane for £23. This is close to the price of a litre of Gordon’s gin in shops in the city. In total, 8 hotels charged £16 or more for a gin and tonic from the minibar. At the other end of the scale, a G&T costs £4.50 at the Plaza on The River Club and Residence.

Those who prefer lager can get hold of London’s most expensive minibar lager at the Marriott County Hall, where it costs a princely £12. A beer is under a fiver at the Ham Yard Hotel, though.

Anyone who is feeling peckish while staying at The Churchill can order a £26 club sandwich to their room, with an extra £5 added on for delivery. On the other hand, The Courthouse Hotel has a club sandwich at under a tenner.

The Price of a Massage or Laundry Service

Another type of service in London hotels that they checked out was a massage. It turned out that The Corinthia charges £165 for a one-hour massage, which was the most expensive that they found. The least expensive option was a £45 massage from Grand St Pauls.

As for laundry charges, they tested the water by asking for the price to clean a single item like a shirt or blouse. The lowest cost was £4.50 at San Domenico House. On the other hand, the highest cost that was quoted was £24 to get the same service at 41 Hotel.

Other Charges

The study discovered that many of the top London hotels charge a full 100% of the room’s rate in the case of a late checkout. A couple of the hotels mentioned in this respect are 45 Park Lane and 11 Cadogan Gardens.

They also looked into the cost of a private transfer from Heathrow. In this respect, the lowest price is £45, rising up to a maximum of £175 from The Dorchester. About 40 of the capital’s 5-star hotels charge at least £100 for this service. Some also charge up to £90 per hour in the case of a delayed arrival.

Did you expect these charges to be cheaper or more expensive?