What You Need to Know About Music Trends in the Hotel Industry

Have you ever thought about the effect that the music you play has on your hotel’s guests? This is a crucial part of the overall experience that you offer. However, in too many cases it is something that is taken for granted.

The latest music trends in the hotel industry show us that these areas are now more closely associated than ever before. In 2019, we can expect see more hotel radio stations, podcasts and even record labels such as the one owned by W Hotels. So, how can you ensure that you pay enough attention to this subject? What type of hotel music should you be putting on your playlist, and why?

Let Them Choose

Having a virtual assistant in each room is a smart way of letting your guests make their own decisions. They will feel more in control of their stay if they can set their own soundtrack at all times.

Naturally, there are other parts of the hotel where you need to make the decisions for them. In this case, you don’t want to alienate anyone by choosing the wrong music. What else do you need to take into account?

Does It Fit With Your Brand’s Image?

The first question to ask yourself is whether the music that you choose fits the image that your brand wants to project. In some cases this might be easy, if you have a clearly defined image that you want to project. In other cases, it might be more difficult to see how music fits in.

A different way of looking at it is to consider the type of guest that you want to attract. Is it a young, hip crowd that want the freshest news tunes? Or are they more likely to want classic numbers?

This difference will go a long way towards helping you to make some good decisions.

Consider the Different Areas and Times of Day

It is also worth dividing your hotel into different zones. After all, the music that gets people pumped up in the gym isn’t the same as what they want to relax with in the restaurant.