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Alibaba Introduce the First Robot Hotel

A new hotel has been opened in Hangzhou, China by e-commerce giant Alibaba. It has been described as the hotel of the future or even called a robot hotel, due to the amount of automation and cutting edge technology that it features.

What is it all about and can we expect to see more hotels of this type appear soon?

What Does a Robot Hotel Involve?

The Alibaba hotel is called FlyZoo Hotel and promises to deliver an “ultra-modern boutique, where technology meets hospitality”.  

This so-called robot hotel is as highly automated as possible, using the latest technology. This means that guests get greeted by robot receptionists and they can also use smart speakers that include artificial intelligence technology in them.

Anyone who wants to spend a night here can book and then make their payment through the mobile app. When they check-in, there is no need for a traditional key card to open the door to their room, as facial-recognition technology is used to do this.

Guests will also find that the robot workers carry out jobs such as serving food and delivering toiletries. Even the restaurant is run by robots that look after diners.

Is This Really the Hotel of the Future?

While some of the ideas in use here might seem a bit far-fetched and futuristic, the idea of an automated hotel has already been seen in numerous places.

From mobile apps that let guests customize their room to automated check-in procedures, the idea of a faster, slicker way of working has already been tried successfully. We can expect these ideas to become more and more commonplace across the globe before too long.

With the rapid pace of change in the world of technology, there are sure to be new, better ways of automating the process in a hotel before too long. Keeping a close eye on the latest news stories and developments will help you to stay in touch with emerging opportunities.

While this doesn’t mean that we will start to see robot hotels spring up everywhere, it is certainly an area of the industry that it is well worth keeping an eye on.  As most people are now comfortable with mobile technology and modern devices, there should be an increase in the levels of demand for a robot hotel approach like this.

However, it is worth considering whether there is also likely to be a growing market for traditional hotels run the old-fashioned way. Perhaps there will be a new trend in the future for human-run hotels that use as little technology as possible.