Looking at the latest travel industry trends can give you an easy way to see where you might want to concentrate your energy and resources. The following are some exciting new ideas that you could put to good use in 2020.

More Female Solo Travellers

There is no doubt that solo travel is booming. As of October 2019, it accounts for some 18% of all worldwide travel bookings. Many of the people who have discovered the pleasure of traveling alone are young people, with a high percentage reporting in studies that they prefer to travel on their own.

It has also been noted in various studies that the majority of solo travelers are female. Targetting this market can be a good way of boosting your revenue in the coming year. This is especially true since they tend to take longer breaks and more frequently.

Offer interesting events that let a solo traveler join in with the hotel’s community. You should also make it clear that single travelers are safe and well looked after here. Maybe you could offer some sort of special deal for these guests on certain days of the week.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

The freedom of working on the internet has led to digital nomads appearing all over the planet. It is estimated that there are more than 4 million people working in this way, although an exact figure is hard to pin down and it is rising quickly anyway.

Many of them don’t open a property and constantly look for affordable, interesting places to stay. These people look for something different from the typical hotel experience.

They need fast internet speed but they also want a community aspect and co-working spaces. The Selina hotel chain that started in Panama shows how this can be done. Catering to these geographically mobile workers could be one of the top travel industry trends of the future.

Long-Term Adventurous Travel

More people than ever before are turning their backs on the idea of working until the traditional age. The Financial Independence, Retire Early movement has been growing in recent years, encouraging more people to stop working at early as possible.

Retiring at a young age opens up more possibilities for adventurous travel. Other people haven’t retired but simply want to take time off for long, adventurous breaks. These are future guests that you can look to attract by using your marketing and your social media accounts wisely.

By understanding the latest travel industry trends and adapting to them, you can look to take advantage of these new ways of traveling that so many people are now interested in.