Travel Trends That Are Great News for Hotels in 2019

One of the most exciting things about the hospitality industry in recent times has been the way that new travel trends have been coming thick and fast. As travellers look for fresh new ways of travelling that fit their lifestyles, hotels can look to benefit by fulfilling the needs of their guests.

What are the main trends to look out for in 2019 that are good news for hotels?

The Growth of Mini Trips

One of the things that many travel experts tell us to look out for is the continued growth of short breaks. These micro trips are easier and less stressful to plan than big trips for longer periods of time. Indeed, an American Psychological Association report said that the vital benefits of a break

This approach allows people to enjoy frequent trips away, rather than committing everything to one main holiday during the year. This is great news for hotels, as it means that there will be more potential guests looking for rooms throughout the year.

The Instagrammability Factor

There is no denying that Instagram has changed the way that we travel. After all, more than 340 million posts now use the #travel tag. Many people now place the instagrammability of the location high in their list of priorities. Can they take stunning pictures that will light up their social media presence?

Most hotels around the world can point to something of interest close to them. It could be a colourful market, a famous landmark or some outstanding natural feature. The key is that this gives them a relatively simple way to attract travellers who are keen to take fantastic photos.

Mixing Business with Leisure

It used to be that hotel guests were there due to either a business trip or a leisure break. However, it is predicted that 2019 will see a sharp rise in the number of Bleisure travel trips. These are breaks that combine business and leisure, with many more people expected to travel in this way this year.

Hotels can benefit from this blurring of the lines between business and leisure travel in different ways. For instance, business travellers may now take their family away with them, or trips may be extended in order to fit in both business and leisure activities more comfortably.

Learning While Travelling

The final one of the big travel trends that are worth looking out for this year is that of learning while travelling. More than quarter of travellers surveyed say that learning useful new skills while away from home is a priority. It is predicted that 2019 will see more people travelling to volunteer or to base a holiday around the learning of certain skills.

Indeed, there is now a genuine debate around the value of travelling compared to more traditional learning methods. This means that hotels can play a part in helping their guests to fulfil their desires while also boosting their business.