How Virtual Reality in Hotels Could Change Everything

There has been a lot of focus put on the emergence of new technology in the hotel industry lately. However, one fascinating area that has perhaps been largely overlooked is that of virtual reality in hotels.

We are used to seeing VR being mentioned in terms of gaming and general entertainment purposes, but could it also help make a smoother hotel booking process as well? There are certainly some reasons for thinking that this could be the case.

The Hotel Booking Process with VR

Let’s imagine that someone is looking to book a room in your hotel. Instead of just looking at photos and reading reviews they could get a 3D tour that really lets them get to know the place inside and out.

This is a chance for the hotel to sell the place. They can let the potential guest get a feel for the best parts of the hotel and what it would be like to spend some time there. There is no doubt that this could help to boost booking rates by encouraging website visitors to go ahead and book once they see exactly what is on offer.

The person who is looking for a room can then also check out the local attractions. They would be able to see what kind of view the rooms have and exactly how far it is from the places that are of most interest to them. This would give them a far more comprehensive idea of what to expect.

What About Once They Are There?

Would it be fair to say that the introduction of virtual reality in hotels will only affect the booking process? Or is it possible that it will also change the way that guests interact with the hotel once they have checked in?

It is easy to imagine a guest in their room using VR as a form of entertainment, or speaking to a virtual assistant to sort out whatever they need. Over time, it may also be that other exciting ways of using this technology emerge.

Could Augmented Reality Work Too?

Another issue that could be of great interest to hotel owners in the near future is augmented reality. This is a type of technology that allows the screen to show real-time information relating to the area around the device.

Theoretically, this could be used to let a guest explore all of the hotel’s services and facilities more easily. They could even find out about the building’s history while they wandered around it. This technology has already been put to use in some hotels, letting guests see images of famous people and cartoon characters as though they were in the hotel.

It seems certain that we will be hearing a lot more about augmented reality and virtual reality in hotels in the near future.