How to combat OTAs and acquire the email address for your guests even if you have nothing more than their phone number?!…

Not having your guests’ email address is simply equals to leaving all the money on the table, missing all seasonal engagement opportunities, not capitalizing on the trigger events. That means you’ve become resigned to the endless grunt work of generating new leads, you aren’t able to scale-up, and you are enslaved by the Insane-Outbound-Client Acquisition-Activities… and still,  everyone is trying to convince you that is the industry norm?!… No, it isn’t__unless you discover the SECRET normally used by “the big shot Hotel Managers who already made it” to fight back!

Secret Revealed: It is the “WhatsApp Stealth Sequence”…

Imagine running a WhatsApp messaging campaign for all of your database and ask them to opt-in by clicking a link to collect their email address and update your CRM with the most critical missed info “The Email Address” and that is done by a fully-automated-intelligent-human friendly experience via the most daily used communication app using the never-held-down-device…Imagine being with your prospects whenever the time, wherever the place, whatever they are doing…You are ALWAYS at the top of their minds…and still, everything is done directly from your CRM!  

And how that works? This is our secret sauce. And that is how we make it…

The crown jewel of our state of the art CRM is API Integrations…

We integrate WhatsApp Business API Messenger into your CRM to get your message to new markets and expand your business opportunities. 

With the WhatsApp seamless integration, the possibilities are limitless:

– Access customer segments from your CRM

– Direct personal advertising to your customers

– Membership updates and offers

– Reduce the cost by using WhatsApp API

– Send invitations for conferences, meetings, and events

Many Hotels have invested in their “WhatsApp Stealth Sequence” Marketing System and they have been enjoying the unusual return on their investment without going on the Insane-Outbound-Client Acquisition-Activities.

For Example, The Beverley Hotel London has achieved 223.10% increased revenue by building relationships with customers with great satisfaction and trust levels using BookingWhizz WhatsApp Stealth Sequence

Comfort Inn London – Victoria has achieved +88 Bookings increase and more than 78% increased revenue in less than a year using BookingWhizz WhatsApp Stealth Sequence

Waterford Marina Hotel Sees a 300% Increase in Direct Bookings using BookingWhizz WhatsApp Stealth Sequence

And a long list of hotels are keeping capitalizing on our “WhatsApp Stealth Sequence” ultimate-automation-weapon that reduces the Sales-Marketing Grunt Work to the only working 20%-No Fluff that makes 100% of the profit.

Right now, you can learn all about our “WhatsApp Stealth Sequence” and how You can integrate it into your business just by booking a call with your Buddy The CRM Wizard at